You know how in movies and TV shows, people are always warned to stop picking on the nerdy kids because one day they’re gonna be rich and powerful?  While that is a load of BS most of the time, Mark Zuckerberg is the rare example of that prophesy coming true. But rich and powerful is a bit of an understatement when discussing the Zuck.  Not only is he a bajillionaire, but he has pretty much enslaved humanity through his little Facebook site.

What I find most fascinating about him is that he kept his Jew-fro.  While he could afford to get an angel’s hair transplanted onto his scalp, he still bears that coarse and curly hairstyle he’s had his whole life.  Then again, for all we know he had pure gold spun into those locks of his; it is the world’s richest Jew-fro after all.

That smug little smile tells me I’m right about the spun gold thing.


In our very first “Your Jew-Fro” entry, I’d like to introduce you to Rogelio. Despite not being Jewish, he has done more to advance the cause of Jewish men with curly hair than anyone else I know.  But enough from me, here he is to tell his story.

Hey guys,

My name is Rogelio and I am the man behind Manly Curls, the popular lifestyle site for curly haired men. Yes, I grow quite the jewfro when my hair is beyond 2 inches and it takes a whole 10 inches for my hair to hang down, which means I get to sport, naturally, a jewfro for about 2 years if I want to grow my hair and have it caressing my face (luscious locks ain’t just for women, you know).

I have been on a journey to master my curly hair for 10 years now, after I randomly got inspired (by a celebrity on TV) to do something about my curls. Ever since, I have had the chance to try and experiment with pretty much everything on my hair and the hair of others (learnt a lot!), and I am a firm believer that dudes with curly hair can have “cool” hair too, it just takes some tweaking. I write my own content (as in, I don’t copy/imitate others, I literally sit down, brainstorm and create everything from scratch) and I take the whole curly hair thing as half fun/half serious. Us curly dudes need knowledge without having to become “hair divas”, as I like to say.

My hobbies include writing, picking up heavy stuff shirtless, jumping on airplanes to bizarre destinations and eating donuts (when no one is looking). I am also bilingual and can have some weird conversations in French as well as mumble a few phrases in Arabic.

So yeah, pass by Manly Curls, say hi, and keep those luscious locks, well, manly!

All the best.


P.S Thanks to AJ for putting me in his blog, keep rocking, sir!

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Coming off of Memorial Day weekend, you undoubtedly have seen countless websites across the internet flooded with barbecue-related content.  And this blog is no different.  To celebrate the holiday that officially launches grilling season, I’ve decided to pay tribute to the most famous Jew-fro in the barbecuing world, Sir Steven Raichlen.

He’s spent so much time over a grill even his glasses are smoked.

Raichlen and his poufy Jew-fro have been staples on PBS, hosting two different shows over the past 10 years.  He has also written 18 cookbooks, including one called Healthy Jewish Cooking.  Widely regarded as the foremost expert on BBQ, Raichlen has received many awards for his cookbooks and has appeared on numerous TV shows demonstrating his cooking techniques. Still, I’ll bet most people have never even heard of him.

Unfortunately, when people here the phrase “barbecue expert” Bobby Flay is the person most likely to come to mind.  Appearing on approximately 60% of all Food Network programming, Flay has become the ugly, goyishe, ginger face of grilling.  And consistent with all of the Food Network’s hosts, he is pretty irritating and abrasive.  No idea why, but the network thinks his arrogant and pugnacious demeanor (like his show where he goes to famous restaurants and forces the owner into a battle over who can make their signature dish better) is supposed to endear him to his audience.  Well, I’m not buying it.  I’d watch Raichlen’s humble and nerdy delivery any day of the week.

Continuing this soapbox time, I’d also like to point out that Bobby Flay makes the same damn food each time. He throws a couple poblano peppers on the grill, adds some kind of meat covered in a pseudo-Mexican marinade and calls it dinner.  On the other hand, Raichlen teaches you how to grill all kinds of ethnic food using a whole bunch of different techniques.  While I’d put my money on Flay if the two ever got into fisticuffs, I would much rather eat anything that Raichlen cooked. Although I would have to watch out for loose Jew-fro hairs – the guy looks like a shedder.

Let me start by saying I don’t know much about Josh Groban. As I am neither a 14-year-old girl nor 40-year-old woman, I know nearly nothing about his body of work, his personal life, or anything else.  But there is something I do know.  With a face and hair like that, the guy is totally Jewish:

Interestingly enough, the one song that I know by Josh Groban is his version of O Holy Night.  Now, it may be weird for a Jewish boy to have profited off a Christmas song the way he did, but like many Jewish singers and songwriters before him, Groban simply knows how to make a buck. And while his grandmother might be thinking “holy night, shmoly night,” Groban and his Jew-fro are currently plotting to record another Christmas song so he can extort even more money from the goyim.

Not sure why, but somehow Jews have totally co-opted the hippie movement.  Go to any Phish concert, and at least three-quarters of the audience will be Jewish guys with full beards and a mess of curls on their heads. Go to any college campus on a warm day, and chances are, there will be a bunch of barefoot Jews sitting around in a circle with a couple guitars singing Grateful Dead and Bob Marley songs.

And despite the fact that many of these Jewish hippies, or Jewpies, if you will, come from comfortable middle class families, they act like they were born dirt poor.  So how can you explain such a disconnect? Maybe because one of the founders of the hippie movement, Abbie Hoffman, was also a Jew from a comfortable middle class family who acted like he was born dirt poor.

And he had quite the Jew-fro!

Hoffman was an endless advocate of the hippie lifestyle, even writing a book about it that is regarded as the hippie’s guide to life.  In Steal this Book, Hoffman advises readers on doing all things hippie-ish: growing marijuana, getting free stuff, joining a commune, rebelling against authority, and, as the title implies, trying to overthrow corporate America.  And in typical hippie-critical fashion, Hoffman’s book became a best seller, making its already comfortable author even more comfortable.

Believe it or not, someone stole my copy of this book.

Full confession time.  I’m actually a bit of a hippie-crit myself. I have a mess of curls on my head, sometimes have a beard, attended Phish concerts, and have read and agreed with many of the points in Steal this Book.  But if Hoffman’s legions of followers can look past his hippie-critical ways, I hope you forgive my transgressions as well.

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