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For many of us Jewish boys, a faux-hawk is a thing of dreams.  Our thick, curly hair simply doesn’t lend itself to sticking straight up.  Not without a couple of coats of varnish anyway.  About a year ago, though, I set out to solve this problem and ended up creating a faux-hawk for the Semitically-follicled; the Fro-Hawk, if you will.

Okay, I didn’t intentionally create it.  It was the result of a very uncomfortable haircut at a barber shop that I had no business going to in the first place. It’s a long and weird story, but you can read more about it on my other blog.

Anyway, if you would like to intentionally get this hairstyle, here’s what you do.  Ask your barber to shave down the sides of your Jew-fro, but leave a fair amount of curls at the top.  When you get home, take two brushes or combs and simultaneously sweep the hair above your ears up towards the top of your head.  You can put some gel or spray on if you want, but if your hair is anything like mine, the curls will just interlock and stay put.

If you’re so brave as to try the fro-hawk, let me know!  Send your pictures of your fro-hawk, or even any regular old Jew-fro, to me at


A couple of years ago, I had a pretty massive Jew-fro going on.  I had no idea how long my hair was at that time.  As Jew-fros are wont to do, it grew up into a massive pile of curls atop my crown rather than growing downwards.  One day, my girlfriend and I decided to see how long it was by doing the unthinkable – unraveling my Jew-fro with a straightening iron.  The results were hilarious:

As you can see, there is no taming a Jew-fro.  Though my hair did straighten out, it still didn’t really go down, sticking out in all directions instead.  My long flowing locks won’t ever land me on the cover of a romance novel, but I can always dye my hair blonde and start A Flock of Seagulls tribute band.

Do you have a Jew-fro you’d like to share?  Send me a pic at!

My name is AJ, and I was born with a Jew-fro.  You know, that thick mess of curly hair that affects people of the Jewish persuasion:

My hair has plagued me my whole life.  But I know I’m not alone.  There are plenty of others out there who also suffer from this condition.  And that’s why I started this blog – to honor our unique hair and try to find the humor in the cursed Jew-fro.

Just how do we do that?  Well, I’ll be posting pics of my Jew-fro from over the years.  There will also be sections on Celebrity Jew-Fros, Jew-Fros Throughout History, Guess the Jew-Fro, and more!  Oh yeah, I’d also like to post some pictures of all the other Jew-fros out there.  So, if you or someone you know have a Jew-fro, show me what you got and I’ll post it here!

Though we may not have wanted to be born with such a hairstyle, we’re stuck with it until we go bald.  So until that day, let’s celebrate the Jew-fro and all of its tangled glory.

Yours in Jew-fro-ness,


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