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Time for another fun-filled edition of Guess the Jew-Fro!

This person has one of the most famous Jew-fros in the world.  Whether you love this guy or hate him, everyone in the world at least knows who he is.  And his legendary Jew-fro is part of the reason he is so well known…well, there’s that and his distinctive voice.  Okay, enough chit-chat, this one should be pretty easy…

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Time for another round of Guess the Jew-Fro!

The woman (or man – some people think this person’s gender is up for debate) pictured below sported an impressive dark pile of hair in her younger years.  While this person had different hair styles throughout the decades up until her golden years, her hair always retained some kind of kink or curl.  It just goes to show no matter how famous someone gets, you can never fully take the Jew-fro out of the girl (or boy).

(HINT:  I already gave you a couple.  This should be easy.)

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In this edition of Guess The Jew-Fro, we have a Jewish celebrity who sported a unique receding Jew-fro in his younger years.  Can you guess who it is?

(Hint:  It is NOT who you think it is.)

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There are a lot of celebrities who grew up with Jew-fros, but pushed them aside on their road to fame.  In this new feature, I’ll be sharing pictures of some Jewish celebrities when they were less famous, but more fro-ier.

Can you guess the famous person hiding under this Jew-fro?

(HINT: It is NOT one of the Beatles with a perm.)

Photo from

Find out the answer after the jump:

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