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You know how in movies and TV shows, people are always warned to stop picking on the nerdy kids because one day they’re gonna be rich and powerful?  While that is a load of BS most of the time, Mark Zuckerberg is the rare example of that prophesy coming true. But rich and powerful is a bit of an understatement when discussing the Zuck.  Not only is he a bajillionaire, but he has pretty much enslaved humanity through his little Facebook site.

What I find most fascinating about him is that he kept his Jew-fro.  While he could afford to get an angel’s hair transplanted onto his scalp, he still bears that coarse and curly hairstyle he’s had his whole life.  Then again, for all we know he had pure gold spun into those locks of his; it is the world’s richest Jew-fro after all.

That smug little smile tells me I’m right about the spun gold thing.


In our very first “Your Jew-Fro” entry, I’d like to introduce you to Rogelio. Despite not being Jewish, he has done more to advance the cause of Jewish men with curly hair than anyone else I know.  But enough from me, here he is to tell his story.

Hey guys,

My name is Rogelio and I am the man behind Manly Curls, the popular lifestyle site for curly haired men. Yes, I grow quite the jewfro when my hair is beyond 2 inches and it takes a whole 10 inches for my hair to hang down, which means I get to sport, naturally, a jewfro for about 2 years if I want to grow my hair and have it caressing my face (luscious locks ain’t just for women, you know).

I have been on a journey to master my curly hair for 10 years now, after I randomly got inspired (by a celebrity on TV) to do something about my curls. Ever since, I have had the chance to try and experiment with pretty much everything on my hair and the hair of others (learnt a lot!), and I am a firm believer that dudes with curly hair can have “cool” hair too, it just takes some tweaking. I write my own content (as in, I don’t copy/imitate others, I literally sit down, brainstorm and create everything from scratch) and I take the whole curly hair thing as half fun/half serious. Us curly dudes need knowledge without having to become “hair divas”, as I like to say.

My hobbies include writing, picking up heavy stuff shirtless, jumping on airplanes to bizarre destinations and eating donuts (when no one is looking). I am also bilingual and can have some weird conversations in French as well as mumble a few phrases in Arabic.

So yeah, pass by Manly Curls, say hi, and keep those luscious locks, well, manly!

All the best.


P.S Thanks to AJ for putting me in his blog, keep rocking, sir!

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