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The Food Network show Barefoot Contessa is one of the most entertaining shows on the network, but not for the intended reasons.  Sure, host Ina Garten makes some delicious-looking food, but that’s all overshadowed by the sheer ridiculousness of her show.  For instance, you have Ina’s penchant for asking rhetorical questions (“How easy is that?” or  “How bad can that be?”) as well as her tendency to describe every ingredient she uses as “good” – good chicken stock, good olive oil, good tap water.  Add that in with the fact that she films her show at her own house in the Hamptons and is often joined on camera by many of her friends – creating an endless parade of wacky characters who are either rich, gay, or rich and gay.

But all of those characters pale in comparison once you meet Jeffrey, Ina’s husband.  Perfectly complementing his zaftig and bubbly wife, Jeffrey is short, relatively thin (compared to her at least), and soft spoken.  He’s also an awkward, bumbling nebbish, who can usually be found picking up the wrong type of wine for his wife or sneaking a late night snack out of the fridge when she’s not looking.  In many ways, he’s like everyone’s weird Jewish uncle.  But what really sets him apart is his hair – a perfectly round, salt and pepper colored Jew-fro.  Or should I say a good salt and good pepper colored Jew-fro??

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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write about Seth Rogen on a blog about Jewish people’s hair.  The guy practically made Jew-fros popular again.  (Not that they ever went out of style for some of us, mind you.)

I'm sure he'd much rather be Seth Frogen than Seth Rogaine.

Aside from reintroducing the Jew-fro to a new generation, in many ways, Seth Rogen is the most typical, and stereotypical, Jew around.  Think about it.  In addition to the curly hair, he’s chubby, has glasses, and generally looks pretty goofy – typical physical traits for many of us Jewish males.  Moreover, by all accounts, he’s a very nice guy in real life.  And what does he do for a living?  He writes, acts, and does standup comedy.  Three typically Jewish professions in one.

For these reasons, I hereby proclaim Seth Rogen the patron saint of!

He has a halo, but it's hidden under all that hair.

Wait a minute…us Jews don’t believe in saints.  So let’s call him our patron mensch.  Yeah, that’s more like it.

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