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Kyle Broflovsky from South Park is one of the few Jewish animated characters on TV.  Aside from Mort Goldman from Family Guy and that old Jewish man from The Simpsons, there really aren’t too many Jews on TV that us Jewish boys could relate to.  Kyle Broflovsky always stands up for himself and his religion, and he has always been a hero to me for that reason.  Well, that, and because of his Jew-fro.

Though his hair is often hidden under his trademark green hat, in the few instances where he takes his hat off, we get to see his bushy red Jew-fro.  Like on picture day:

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All of us here at (which is really just me) wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah!  Jew or gentile, curly haired or straight, may you all have a joyous holiday.

With a new year just around the corner, I figured it was time to make a new year’s resolution.  Of course, based on the Jewish calendar, I’m a few months late.  Anyway, my resolution is to post more often.  That means there will be more pictures of celebrity Jew-fros!  More pics of my own Jew-fro!  More pics of my family’s Jew-fros!  And hopefully more pics of your Jew-fros!

If you or someone you know has a Jew-fro, send their pic my way and you might see it on this very blog!  Just send it along to me at

Anyway, I hope you all have a Happy, Jew-fro-y Hanukkah!

Time for another round of Guess the Jew-Fro!

The woman (or man – some people think this person’s gender is up for debate) pictured below sported an impressive dark pile of hair in her younger years.  While this person had different hair styles throughout the decades up until her golden years, her hair always retained some kind of kink or curl.  It just goes to show no matter how famous someone gets, you can never fully take the Jew-fro out of the girl (or boy).

(HINT:  I already gave you a couple.  This should be easy.)

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