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My name is AJ, and I was born with a Jew-fro.  You know, that thick mess of curly hair that affects people of the Jewish persuasion:

My hair has plagued me my whole life.  But I know I’m not alone.  There are plenty of others out there who also suffer from this condition.  And that’s why I started this blog – to honor our unique hair and try to find the humor in the cursed Jew-fro.

Just how do we do that?  Well, I’ll be posting pics of my Jew-fro from over the years.  There will also be sections on Celebrity Jew-Fros, Jew-Fros Throughout History, Guess the Jew-Fro, and more!  Oh yeah, I’d also like to post some pictures of all the other Jew-fros out there.  So, if you or someone you know have a Jew-fro, show me what you got and I’ll post it here!

Though we may not have wanted to be born with such a hairstyle, we’re stuck with it until we go bald.  So until that day, let’s celebrate the Jew-fro and all of its tangled glory.

Yours in Jew-fro-ness,



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